Why you should choose electric scooter by Yadea.


China has become the leading supplier of all kinds of products globally. And each industry has vast variety of producers which makes us hard to choose a reliable one. In this article we will tell you why we chose electric scooters produced by Yadea.

Yadea Group Holdings is the largest and most globally represented Chinese producer of electric scooters and electric bicycles, was founded in 2001. 
Yadea has become integrated into the world's top-quality supply chains. It has been successfully cooperating with well known companies like Lightning Motors, KISKA, Swarovski, and Panasonic .

Applying the best that today's technology can offer to every part and detail Yadea manages to create world-leading e-scooters. The vehicles are equipped with high-performance electric motor, a new-generation Panasonic high-energy power lithium battery and battery management system backed by Panasonic-certified battery PACK technology that prevents deterioration of the battery module, extends service life, and assures stable delivery of output power. 

Currently Yadea owns 664 patents, has 4 factories with over 5000 employees where the company produces high-end electric-powered motorcycles, bicycles and scooters.

Since 2007 Yadea Group has been successfully developing its exports. Thanks to high-end technology, excellent quality and affordable prices now it is present in over 77 countries worldwide including USA and Germany with sales over 6 000 000 units in 2018.
It has been the first representative of Chinese Electric Vehicle industry listed on main board of Hong Kong’s stock exchange. 

Becoming a sponsor of the 2018 FIFA Russia World Cup  and being always present at world’s largest motorcycle trade fairs like EICMA  Yadea confirms its status as a world class  company which produces vehicles with technologies and designs that are in full compliance with internationally-recognized standards.